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Healthy skin reflects our well being.The environment, stress and diet all contribute to premature aging. Regular facials are essential to revive and replenish your skin. Napolitano offers customized treatments for all skin care needs. Your therapist will personalize a home care routine for you to help maintain the benefits of your treatments proudly using our own Napolitano line, Dermalogica, It works and Jan Marini products.

Teen Facial
Cleansing with steam and an exfoliating enzyme peel. Followed by extraction and a purifying mask. Provides a thorough and healing treatment for your skin and teaches basic at home skin care.

Presto Facial
We'll cleanse and exfoliate with steam. Extraction and facial mask suited to your skin's needs complete this cleansing facial.

Essential Facial
Let us relax and repair your skin using one of our aromatherapy blends (age-defying, calming, or detoxifying). Cleansing with steam, exfoliation and extraction are followed with a soothing massage for your face, neck and shoulders. After your hydrating hand massage and heated mitt treatment, your specialized mask is applied to complete this individualized treatment.
series of 5 - $450

Special Care Facial
This unique vitamin treatment by (Dermalogica) dramatically improves your collagen, elastin and cell renewal process. A special vitamin A, B5, C & E ampoule is massaged into the face, throat and decollete creating incredible results. The relaxing addition of a hand and foot Acupressure massage with heated mitts follows, bringing pure bliss.

Ultimate Facial
As good as it gets. Two hours of intense treatment. Add Photorejuventation and microcurrent to the special care facial. Your skin will never look better!

Firming Facial Wrap
Our all botanical facial wrap will firm, contour and smooth fine lines.
Face only $50
Throat only $25
Face and Throat $70

Glycolic Peel
We apply (MD Formulations) 40% glycolic solution to smooth fine lines, fade dark spots, improve clogged pores and over all texture of skin.
Series of 6 - $300.00
With facial - $30.00

(Relax in a warm facial bed) While this pain-free laser treatment increases your collagen production by 50%. Wrinkles, sun damage, dilated capillaries, rosacea and more will be dramatically improved. (see more info)
$95 per treatment
Series of 6 - $500

Microcurrent "Non-Surgical Face Lift"
Since its inception in the early 70's, through today's progressive developments, celebrities and common people alike have touted microcurrent treatments as the true "fountain of youth". (see more info)
$95 per treatment
Series of 6 - $500
Series of 12 - $900

Popular alternative to laser resurfacing,chemical peels or plastic surgery. This non-invasive procedure smooths and rejuvenates the skin using tiny corundum crystals. Extremely effective in reducing fine lines, acne scars and hyperpigmentation. You’ll leave with beautiful looking skin, not additional redness. The results of this professional treatment are way beyond the “at home” versions.
$95 per treatment
Series of 6 - $500

Back Facial
Let us cleanse, steam and exfoliate this hard to reach area with our relaxing back treatment. Extractions and algae mask beautifully clean and tone, while you relax and enjoy.